ARTION Team consists of highly trained and skilled executives. The company implementing a flexible and Organisational Scheme ensures effective management with regards both to the Team as its Operations.

Organisational Scheme

Structured in Departments responsible for management and execution of specialized tasks given the high-level training, quality and effectiveness ARTION follows a dynamic model of operation. Differentiated essentially assigns tasks to specialized associates instead of standard model of assigning a Project to each associate. Thus, achieves optimization in results and maximization of efficiency.

In brief, ARTION is organised in the following Divisions and Department:

  • General Management
  • Division of Development
  • Division of Projects and Quality
  • Division of Communications
  • Department of Sales and Marketing
  • Department of Bids and Tenders
  • Department of Sponsorship and Exhibitions
  • Department of Delegate Management
  • Department of Publications and e-Marketing
  • Department of Accounts and Finances

The Team

A key element of the Competitive Advantage of ARTION is the involvement of the Senior Management itself in the Management and Implementation of Projects. Recognizing the complexity in requirements, in combination with multidimensional needs of its Clients monitors closely and in the first level each Project. Entrusting their management to experienced, trained and qualified Project Managers, maintains monitoring and holding a clear picture of developments, participating in their strategic management.

Since 1995 ARTION operates with effectiveness, reliability, expertise and know-how, developing constantly, through Certified Services, innovative solutions and proposals that meet the modern needs and requirements. Primary and decisive role in this effort, plays the well-Coordinated Group of Associates.

      Despina Amarantidou
Managing Director

Valentini Amarantidou
Director of Development

artion-teammemberphoto-kantziari       Maria Kantziari
Communications Manager

George Kanakaris
IT Coordinator

artion-team_member_photo-chrysafopoulou       Lena Chryssafopoulou
Projects Accounting

Kelly Angelaki
Scientific Programme Assistant

chara       Chara Ignatiadou
Scientific Programme Coordinator
      prodromos_nikolaidis1       Prodromos Nikolaidis
Marketing Manager
3       Markos Papadopoulos
Delegate Manager






Career Opportunities

Applying faithfully a Human-Centric Policy, ARTION continually invests in its Human Capital by enhancing and expanding its team. The trained and qualified staff is engaged indicatively in areas such as:

  • Corporate Communications
  • International Relations
  • Market Research and Corporate Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance - Total Quality Management
  • Marketing and e-Marketing
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Press and Media Relations
  • Event Management
  • e-Services and Social Media
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Tourism Promotion
  • Destination Management
  • Financial Management and Accounting

Undoubtedly, dealing with both the Events Industry and the wider Sectors related to ARTION Services, requires dedication, patience, perseverance, but above all appetite, desire and love for the filed. These features are all common among ARTION Team Members.

Internship Opportunities

In the context of the Human-Centic as well as its Social Policy ARTION announces periodically Internship vacancies to support the efforts of Students in the transition from education to business world.

As of today ARTION has undertaken multiple collaborations both with Higher Education Institutions (Universities and Technological Education Institutions) as well as International Educational Organizations (such as AIESEC) integrating in its workforce trainees for a period of a few weeks up to several months.

Students come indicatively from Faculties / Schools such as:

  • Economics
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies
  • International, European Studies

In most of the cases trainees are engaged in either the Department of Delegate Management or the Department of Sponsorship and Exhibitions. Their responsibilities include tasks such as:


Department of Delegate Management

  • Congress Committees Management
  • Registration Management
  • Invitees Management
  • Programme Management
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Financial Auditing

Department of Sponsorship and Exhibitions

  • Development of Databases
  • Sponsorship Schemes Development
  • Communication Campaigns
  • Development of custom-made Schemes
  • Contract Monitoring
  • Sponsor Benefits Monitoring

Curriculum Vitae Submission

If you would like us to consider your Curriculum Vitae, we will be glad to receive your e-mail at

Personal Data are protected and under no circumstances are sold, rented or in any way forwarded or submitted to third parties, and their processing and management is subject to the relevant provisions of the Greek law and the European legislation on the protection of individuals and the protection of personal data as well as the requirements of the Quality Management System of the company.