Neuropsychology 1st Announcement


President's Welcome Letter 

Dear Colleagues,

The Hellenic Neuropsychological Society (HNPS) is organizing the 1st Conference on Neuropsychology in Greece, to be held in Athens on 27, 28 & 29 April 2018.

Last year’s successful celebration for the foundation of the first scientific

society for Neuropsychology in Greece, allows us to hope that the 1st Panhellenic Conference will also meet your expectations for in-depth training related to latest research and everyday clinical practice. To this end, the Conference will cover a wide range of topics presented by renowned and prominent Greek and foreign speakers.

The Conference will include keynote talks, round tables, oral announcements and training through participation in seminars and workshops. In addition, proceedings will give space to junior researchers to present their work and will encourage expression and exchange of views and ideas, collaboration and networking. We will also welcome distinguished scientists who have excelled through their work at national and global level and we will declare the first Honorary Members of the HNPS.

The Conference will be held at the Maginio Amphitheatre of Aretaeion Hospital, which is one of the oldest University Hospitals in Greece. The Aretaeion Hospital is located in the center of Athens. Access to the venue is easy and unobstructed for those with mobility problems.

Dear colleagues, we invite you to actively participate in the success of the 1st Panhellenic Conference on Neuropsychology and we hope to see you in Athens next spring!


Ioannis Zalonis

Conference President

Organizing Committee 
Athanasia Liozidou
President of the Organizing Committee
Organizing Committee Secretariat
Ioanna Babili
Organizing Committee Members
Efthymios Angelakis
Eleni Anyfandi
Mary Kosmidis
Eleni Margioti
Lambros Messinis
Ioanna Petroulia
Anna Stathopoulou
Alexandra Thanellou
Ioannis Zalonis
Scientific Committee 
Mary Kosmidis
President of the Scientific Committee
Scientific Committee Members 
Efthimios Angelakis
Eleni Anyfandi
Eleni Aretouli
Ion Beratis
Marios Constantinou
Foteini Christidi
George Giaglis
Aikaterini Giazkoulidou
Elissavet Kapaki
Dimitrios Kasselimis
Petros Kechayas
Evangelia Liouta
Athanasia Liozidou
Eleni Margioti
Lambros Messinis
Alexandra Oiconomou
Marrieta Papadatou Pastou
Sokratis G. Papageorgiou
Charalampos Papageorgiou
Georgios Papazisis
Ioanna Petroulia
Constantin Potagas
Nikolaos Skarmeas
Nikolaos Smyrnis
Stavroula Stavrakaki
Leonidas Stefanis
George Strantzalis
Alexandra Thanellou
Panagiotis Toulas
Yannis Tountas
Alexnadra Touroutoglou
Eleftheria Tsaltas
Georgios Vissarakis
Filippos Vlachos
Ioannis Zalonis

Honorary Scientific Committee Members
Ioannis Evdokimidis
Athanasios Karavatos
Argyris Karapetsas
Elias Kouvelas
George Paxinos
Alexandros Papadimitriou
Andrew Papanicolaou
Michael Petrides
Ariadni Stogiannidou
Invited Speakers 
Linas Bieliauskas, Ph.D, ABPP-Cn, Cl
Professor and Training Director
Neuropsychology Section of Psychiatry
University of Michigan
Eric Hessen, Ph.D
Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at Department of Psychology at University of Oslo
Past President of the Federation of the European Societies of Neuropsychology (FESN)
Board Member of the International Neuropsychological Society (INS) and of the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA)
Andrew Papanicolaou, Ph.D
Professor and Chief,
Department of Pediatrics Division of Clinical Neurosciences
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
George Paxinos, Ph.D
NHMRC Australia Fellow, NeuRA
Visiting/Conjoint Professor of Psychology and Medical Sciences,  
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Michael Petrides, Ph.D 
Fellow of the Royal Society Professor,
Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University
The Venue 
The 1st Panhellenic Neuropsychology Congress will be held in Athens on 27-29 April 2018 and will be hosted at the Magginion Amphitheater of the Aretaiou Hospital (76, Vas. Sofias str., 115 28, Athens).

Some of the works of the Conference, such as oral communications, workshops and seminars, will be hosted at Amphitheater of the Aiginite Hospital (Athens Psychiatric Clinic, Eginition Hospital, 72-74 Vas. Sophia, 11528, Athens).
Read more at the Congress Website